April 17th, 2004

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[sportsnonsense] I am an equal opportunity geek

Hmm. I tried to post this last night and it just... didn't. LJ and I are not so much friends lately. But the gleee is worth repeating.

*hyper* I am such a sportsy geek today!!!

Toronto Maple Leafs game on one channel! Red Sox/Yankees game on the other! Both official sites open in netscape so that I can keep track of the one currently not on my TV!! I have new-to-me Stargatey goodness in my DVD player and can't tear myself away! I mean... MY TEAMS ARE BOTH WINNING!!!

TAKE THAT, YANKEES! (Red Sox 6 -- Yankees 2!! mwah ha ha)

AND GO LEAFS!!!!! (Leafs 2 -- Ottawa 0!!! Ahead in the playoff series 3-2!!!)

Although the baseball coverage on Fox scares me WAY more than the coverage on NESN (New England Sports Network, for those who... either don't live here or have lives...). That animated SCOOTER baseball meant to "educate" children about the different pitches and baseball definitions scares the freaking crap out of me. "I am a knuckleball -- woooo wooo wooo wooooooo! -- you never know WHERE I'm going! Mwah ha ha ha." Eep? If I was a kid that would give me so many baseball-related nightmares about knuckleballs coming after me in my sleep.

-- Little Red, who is happy to report that Sox games are *almost* as much fun to watch even without her Trot Nixon Red Sox boyfriend... but is still eager for his return.
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