April 18th, 2004

sga - sparktober

sports geekiness, take two

Is it bad that I get wibbly at the New England Sports Network "Red Sox Nation" promos?

Sadness regarding the Yankees winning at the top of the 8th right now, though... but Seibel is totally in my harem of Red Sox boyfriends now, despite his less than stellar relief-pitching performance so far. Such a cutie, and he played in Pawtucket right down the road from me just a few weeks ago! High hopes. And hey, I'm allowed to stray a bit until Trot can play again :)

[hockey] Toronto Maple Leafs to play to potentially end the playoff series against the Senators tonight at 7!

-- Little Red, who really wants to go to a PawSox game soon
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sga - sparktober

movies you don't need to see

saidshe dragged me gleeefully out to Seekonk for a celebratory film screening of The Girl Next Door That One About The Porn Star With The Heart Of Gold Who Falls In Love With A High School Boy, or: A High School Boy's Fantasy Put On Film.

It was exactly as bad as it looks from the previews.

Which means we had an excellent time.

Still not sure if it was better or worse than "Deep Core", the Bad Saturday Night Movie On SciFi (tm). Let's call them *different* kinds of bad.

My sports fanaticism got trampled upon today, because my Sox *and* my Maple Leafs lost... but that's all okay because Bee told me that Trot Nixon is going to play in Pawtucket for a few weeks when he recovers!!!! THAT IS RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME!! My Red Sox boyfriend will be *right here!*

And I was reminded of something important as we tooled about Seekonk in Bee's sexy sexy car named Fenway taking wrong exits and laughing hysterically through bad bad movies and discussing whether Johnny Damon's mullet should be, in fact, an independent entity on the Red Sox fielding roster. I like myself best when I'm with saidshe.

Congratulations, baby!! One small step for Girl!, one giant leap in kicking Brown's ass once and for all.

-- Little Red, who really *can't* be a Secret Agent of an imaginary Central Intelligence organization without a partner in espionage.
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