May 21st, 2004

sga - sparktober

the family that moves furniture together, stays together

At some point, apparently all that Kripalu aparigraha (= "non-attachment") nonsense sunk in, because I have been madly throwing out everything I own that I do not desperately actively need. And, my family being my family, my parents have gotten inspired and are also clean-organize-and-design-ing their living spaces. Because I had a job interview at Kripalu today, where my mom works, I stopped by to see her and told her about this dilemma I'm having over whether to chuck the giant white dresser... thing... in my room or whether it's better than the furniture alternatives available and she got very bouncy and excited about measuring everything in my room and making "charts! on graph paper! with movable pieces so we can see where everything can fit!!"

*So far,* in the giant leaf bags on their way to Goodwill or in the trash, the best things I have found and thrown away:

1. An "I Met Dempster Rabbit" button, acquired circa age 6.

2. Modrobes. Finally parted with the bright red pants from the company with the clever slogan "I want you in my pants." *sniffle* But really, I only wore them once this year, and that is a very good thing as I am now definitely old enough to know better.

3. CDs I Haven't Touched Since Leaving For College and That is my Only Saving Grace: including an old 'Nsync album and something by a band called "Soul Decision" that I don't recollect *at all*, but which seems, from the bored-yet-"hot" poses of the semi-attractive men on the cover to be another boy band thing. God, did I *ever* listen to that stuff voluntarily? edit: Oh, wow, I think I remember what that Soul Decision thing was! cat_b, was that the band that June's son managed or did something with?

4. Cassettes IHTSLFCaTimOSG: No Mercy. Also, a Bryan Adams tape. I hereby disown myself. And about forty "mix tapes" taped off the radio between 1995 and 1997.

I also found, but haven't yet turfed because I think that King House might find a good use for this: the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus BOARD GAME!" Someone gave that to me as a Christmas present a few years ago because, clearly, that's what every 18 year old college Freshman really wants. It's no Go Goddess Girl!, but I think with enough Cap'n & Coke it could be entertaining.

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-- Little Red, giddy with the weight of all the things she will no longer own come trash day!
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sga - sparktober

one small step for style, one giant leap for smahtah kids

Hey, somebody paid lots of money to charity for Boston Red Sox Center Fielder Johnny Damon to shave his caveman beard off!

And yet, the hair remains.

saidshe, can the mullet still play outfield without the accompanying beard?

Several hundred fans turned out to watch his beard get shaved by a "licensed shaver." God, I love New England. Best damned sports fans, period.

-- Little Red, who definitely has other things she should be doing right now
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