June 2nd, 2004

sga - sparktober


Perfect perfect monorecovery job. Tuesdays and Thursdays. 1-5. Data entry, but for the Kripalu Shop, so I don't have to bop around talking to customers and multitask like crazy but still get to work for people who heart me. It's officially a temp job, thru the first week of July, so I can wank out on it and not feel (that) bad if I get relapse-y.


And swank timing, too, because my father just kicked into high-gear self-described Ebenezer Scrooge mode. I've spent a lot of money on health accessories lately (prescription meds that my insurance no longer covers, swanky supplements prescribed by new age docs, etc) with the understanding that my parents would subsidize part of it. I'm sure they still would, if I brought it up, but if my father is feeling psycho-poor right now it's probably better for everyone's general sanity if I just not go there. Plus, they are letting me live here and eat their food rent-free so it's not exactly like I'm NOT getting way more handouts than any (almost) 22-year-old deserves. And now I have a job to fund my asthma-drug habit! WOO!

I'm pretty sure that, since I'm being hired as a temp and for a different position, I won't get the wage I've worked up to over the years of working there, but really, babysitting money is better than no money.

-- Little Red, who is a big fan of getting exactly what she wants as soon as she stops waiting by the phone
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