July 12th, 2004

sga - sparktober

the revenge of the web orders

I feel horribly ganged-up upon by inanimate objects. And, I suppose, the total strangers (who are animate) sending these inanimate emails and telephone calls. Just... a *lot* of web orders. And emails. And the phone hasn't stopped ringing such that I haven't even *listened* to my metric craploads of voicemails yet.

*buries head in paperwork, like ostrich*

I will get through today. I WILL.

I probably shouldn't have hit mystic_isles000, though. That was kind of unprofessional. Even though it was totally in self-defense because she jumped out at me from nowhere. *snuggles sister* She has apparently forgiven me, because she just came into my office and did her Jack-as-velociraptor-in-"Broca-Divide" impersonation for me. My day is much improved.

It's so nice to work in the same place, even if our coworkers (justifiably) believe we are complete and utter loony bin escapees.

-- Little Red, back to the metaphorical salt mines.
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