July 15th, 2004

sga - sparktober

so much geekypretty

1) lyssie made me icon! *points* I am so fluffier than thou. I am.

2) I TOTALLY FAILED to find any sort of TNG or DS9 mood set or a complete gackable SG-1 set anywhere that I really liked. But I found Doggett and Reyes by Ness. I was going to save that until I went back to writing The Big Ridiculous X-Files Novel From The First Time I Had Mono That I Suck Spectacularly For Not Having Finished Yet A Fine Romance for real, but I'm impatient.

I'm fickle, so this could change, like, tomorrow (so, please, pimp me mood sets if you have one or know where they hide!). But for now, apologies go to redbeard and in_parentheses, since I know it hurts you.

-- Little Red
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sga - sparktober

the silver lining

bad: raining. lots. umbrella apparently missing from car.
good: mailroom staff doing apparent impromptu live-action rendition of "singing in the rain" in the parking lot on my way into work.
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