August 5th, 2004

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All Atlantis All The Time

Atlantis moodtheme by shewaselectric!!!! *squeak* JOY!

I also sort-of-updated my site with my Atlantis fic to date. All of it has been posted to john_elizabeth or atlantis100 before.

Mornings After - PG-13. John/Elizabeth friendship and romance. "He doesn't usually sleep well the night after a mission."

Second Sight - PG-13. John/Elizabeth. "Seeing the future isn't always a good thing."

Cutting it Close - PG. John/Elizabeth friendship/UST. "Pretty much all their bad ideas start out this way."

Company - PG-13. John/Elizabeth friendship/UST, mention of Elizabeth/Simon. "Coming home is hard to do."

and "Rising" drabbles:

Last Night (Sheppard, Ford) and Distance (Weir/Simon).

Wow. I look unforgivably geeky productive when I put it like this. How long has this show been on?

-- Little Red, not at all obsessed
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sga - sparktober

encounters of the Slavic kind

This poor Russian kid just came up to me in my New Non-Swanky Basement Office and started speaking Russian. Very fast.

Me: *brainfreeze* "Eep! I haven't spoken Russian in a long time."
Him: *more Russian*
Me: *makes stab at Russian to say that I haven't spoken it in six months*
Him: *in Russian* "But that's not so bad. You're Russian."
Me: *in Russian* "No. I'm not Russian, but I studied it in university."
Him: *VERY* confused.
Me: "It's very nice to meet you, my name is Sachi."
Him: "What?"

Lynn apparently told him that I was Olga, the *actually* Russian girl who works here. Poor kid was horribly flustered and all but ran away. He was also convinced that, since I am not Russian, I could never remember the name Yevgeny. Dude, I grew up at Kripalu. Yevgeny is a freaking *normal* name by comparison.

Lynn's rationale for the mixup?

Me: "Lynn! I'm not Olga!"
Lynn: "But he was cute!"

Sort of wish he hadn't been so totally mortified by the whole experience so that I would have had time to brain-switch into Russian (I'm always afraid to speak without properly doing that, because I know I'll randomly grab for words and probably come out saying something vulgar or completely absurd just because it sounds sort of Russian). He looked awfully jailbait-y to me (though a cute jailbait, to be sure), but Lynn thought he was older... so I will have to brush up on my Russian and find out ;)

Yay. That vastly improved my day.

-- Little Red, who is unfortunately fatally chicken about talking in Russian

Edited to add: Lynn tracked him down at dinner. He's 23.
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