August 16th, 2004

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challenge ficlet the first

Finally got started on these a few weeks late... FA, this might totally not be what you expected (it's totally not what *I* expected, although that's what you get for requesting Scully/Reyes from someone who totally believes Scully is straight). I'm pretending these challenges are kinda experiment-y anyway. besyd read it over for me because I made a begging face, but she was totally half asleep so all the mistakes in here are still mine :).

title: "ad interim"
challenge: from fallon_ash. Scully/Reyes. "No, I can't believe that."
fandom: The X-Files
category: Scully/Reyes. Mulder/Scully. Mention of Doggett/Reyes. And angst.
rating: Let's call it R, for descriptions of f/f and m/f sex.
spoilers: This is set after "William" and "Jump the Shark" but before "The Truth." Consider yourselves vaguely spoiled accordingly.
summary: This is only a way of holding his place.

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