September 15th, 2004

sga - sparktober

all's well that ends with a gleeelist

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Today's gleee list has been brought to you by A.j., who said "WRITE THE GLEEE LIST!" when I said "mumble tired ungleee mumble." Hee!

Additional things:

fic rec: lyssie wrote season 8 Sam-and-new-team-configuration-fic that is fun and makes me happy and makes me like Sam and puts season 8 in a whole new light wherein it actually makes SENSE. It brought moment of gleee! So yay!

icon request: So... I have no idea if it's legit or not to make a random icon wish-list or if people will take from this that I am a ski11-less brat (which I sort of am)... but I've been thinking about and coveting these for a while. Please let me know if it's totally uncouth on the internet to ask for such things in such a way.

1) I SO WANT a Canadian pride McKay icon. I'm jealous of all y'all that have one. In my happy dreams, it says: "Beer. Hockey. McKay. Things are better in Canada." somehow on the icon. I'm not attached, though, I just want to fly my Canadian colours and my Atlantis-geekface colours at the same time!

2) I really want an icon that says "give me strength" -- I originally thought of Sisko or Kira or... anyone... from DS9, but it would be awesome with really any character from any of the shows I geek out about. (It's the title of an Over the Rhine song which is... awesome... but it's a nice phrase as it is and totally the place I'm in, etc., blah, *covets*).

Get me off your LJ-christmas-list early? *cute eyes* Or ignore me. Or request fic back which might be totally futile given my track record, but you never know? Wheee!

-- Little Red, happy
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