September 18th, 2004

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Am not responsible for typos for am asleep. Did not yet watch Stargate/Atlantis (because am asleep) so no spoilers.

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Hee. I totally look like my icon right now, all insanely grinning and with a Sox cap on.

-- Little Red, who so very badly wanted to be in a room with Sheryl and saidshe for this...
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Oh. Ow. It was 10-0 Yankees when I turned off the TV to get ready for work, and they have since scored three more runs. Dear. Lord.

So much for watching the game to cheer me up before work from the evil-nightmare-insomnia and evil sick deathness. Ew.

But I suppose things can't get *worse* at work...? I feel like I've regressed two months for this entire week, but hopefully if I smile enough it won't show.

Apologies to aj... I think I was meant to edit something for you today before work. I'll catch up with you at some point soon -- after the weekend if not before. Send me the updated version to look at, eh?

(And I will laud the awesomeness of besyd at a later time to avoid mixing her birthday gleee up in such a whiny post!)

-- Little Red, who feels cursed.

Edit: Arrrg. Crap. *deep breath* Will not act like a bitch. Will be pleasant. Will smile. Will not panic. Will not break down. Get. Through. Today. Will applaud effort for same at five minute intervals.

Here. Mini-gleee: 1) We have uniform shirts at work now so I don't have to make a decision about what to wear! 2) Mother is making me black bean soup!
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