September 28th, 2004

sga - sparktober

lyssie asked nicely...

and aj made me an ICON! So. I write mini!OTP fic.

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A.j. and I are nowhere near the first people to have this idea, as there is a critical mass of folk on writing their own mini!OTPs for it to safely be called an SG-1 Fanfic Cliche.

This isn't actually the mini!OTP fic that I have been working on, which is longer and takes place earlier than this and may make more sense to those of you who have *not* spent time squeeeing about this. (I'd say "It's coming! Really!" but I don't think there's anyone left who believes my fic promises, you wise folk you). But Lyssie, as I said, asked nicely for mini!OTP so I write this. And, inspired by Lyssie's mad LJ prolificness and to show off my pretty pretty icon, I'm posting it too. It's unedited, random, and almost fluffy enough to kill you.

"day of rest"
summary: clue for 49 across
spoilers: Fragile Balance, er... The Curse.

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-- Little Red
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