October 2nd, 2004

sga - sparktober

the whine is in season

Edit the first: Unabashed whining follows. If you are interested only in gleee, proceed to the LJ-cut. And... forgive me later?

*whine*: Destroyed neck somehow two days back, probably from working out the past few weeks after so little physical activity for so long, probably a torn muscle or something else that's very painful and makes Little Red cry a lot. Ask anyone in a three-mile radius of me whenever I fell out of a tree or broke something as a kid -- I'm a sissy when it comes to physical pain.

I'm behind on emails, livejournal comments, friends list, voicemails, phone calls, yahoo, fanfic, work hours... I will chip away at the internet bits of that as long as my patience lasts for typing with my head turned sideways. *rolls eyes dramatically without moving head*

AND I DON'T GET TO GO TO WORK TONIGHT AND THEN SEE JAI UTTAL AND THE PAGAN LOVE ORCHESTRA IN CONCERT at my work place, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. I have been squeaking joyfully about that for more than a month, because even though Jai Uttal is totally "Phil Collins Does East Indian Chanting" I still fawn and squeee over his voice. *kicks*

The upside: I still got to hang out with alosersdream yesterday, and we made an SG-1/Alias first-season trade! YAY!! I get to see Alias!

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And then my mom came downstairs and said "Let's watch DS9 instead while I peel almonds", and next on our brave campaign to watch the whole series in order was "A Simple Investigation." Which kind of *is* an episode of Alias if you replace "random wigs" with "random plasticine on forehead space-age surgical alterations", but with less catfighting and more changeling sex.

-- Little Red, who will not start reading Alias fanfic NO.

p.s. My MOM is going to see Jai Uttal! *cries* NO FAIR!! And she's all "COME!" and I'm all "But I didn't go to work and PAIN and *bitchwhine*" Maybe I could go and just not move?

EDIT the second: I made it to the concert for one chant and a half. Now I hurt more, but feel less sorry for myself, so, YAY.
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