October 3rd, 2004

sga - sparktober

on a clear night, you can almost see October...

Well, in honor of the last day of regular baseball season, let's see where everyone stands, eh? (And see if I can figure out how to make polls)

Do you want the Red Sox to win the World Series this year?

YES!! Reverse the curse! This is our yeeeah, baby!!
... yes! ... but I'm also afraid that it will kill my beloved Red Sox fandom. What will we do with ourselves when there is no next season?
Eh. I don't really care, and I think Little Red might cry otherwise, so, sure! GO SOX!
NO. I'm a Yankees fan and I hate you. I'm wearing pinstripes *right now.*
No -- I'm rooting for another team in the playoffs at this point.
Well, I would, but I'm afraid of the apocalypse.
Well... I support the Sox in theory, but I live in Boston and fear that the riots will destroy the transportation infrastructure.
I don't watch football. ... do the Red Sox play football?


I totally want to create a geeks-for-fanatical-red-sox-or-other-sports-fandom support group lj community. Stop me?

-- Little Red
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In an act of reciprocal inspiration, cleverocity is totally reminding me to do this. I think I will work toward her skill of being able to write every numbered gleeepoint each in one sentence :)

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-- Little Red
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