October 4th, 2004

sga - sparktober

my joy sadhana is so linkable

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I think it's seeming stranger and stranger to be writing this livejournal full of occasionally porny fanfic and fandom ridiculousness read by my friends and relations (and to inflict the this-is-my-random-life parts on the people who are probably only here for the occasional handouts of porn and fic). Probably because I so rarely see so many of you, and that means you can't mock me in person! :) I trust that all you Kappas and Kripaluites and Toronto folk can skip anything that will make you embarrassed to know me... or forgive me, at least :) If I can wrap my brain around a way to properly filter this or separate my journals or something that doesn't make me go "You are way fucking overthinking this, Sachi, everyone knows you're a scary geek", then maybe I will do. Er... make suggestions if you care or tell me to get over myself. *shrugs*

Unifying my disparate images seemed really, really important and like a fabulous idea when I started this thing... I just worry that I'm annoying people a lot.

-- Little Red

p.s. The Rhode Island state flag is really cool. I want to go back to my little state now.
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