October 8th, 2004

sga - sparktober

always the last one on the bus :)

aj wrote me a preemptive drabble and enabled (demanded) that I post that first-line meme that everyone and their cat have done today! I wasn't going to yet, because I haven't done anyone else's so far (but I want to!), so I point and blame A.j. for this post :)

I left the character names in, feel free to change/mutilate/reinterpret/crossfandom/enjoy. On the whole this exercise has left me feeling un-writerly-cool, so take my first lines and make them ART for me :) Write pairings I like! Convert me to pairings I don't like! Wheeeee!

(in case anyone is a stickler for this sort of thing, ones with asterisks after them are unfinished and/or unposted as of yet)

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I am disappearing for the weekend to lisayaeger's, so reciprocal drabbles may be slightly delayed...

*love* to all!

-- Little Red, creative lemming.
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gleee! - nenya

vanish like *whoosh*

I'm off for the weekend to visit the lovely lisayaeger and see The Wilds Of Maine for the first time EVER and be a squeeeful geekface for Enterprise (eeee! end of the pastede on cliffhanger YAY!). And, of course, Stargate and Atlantis in various geeky guises.

This is really, really exciting, for lots of conquering-mono reasons, so I'm psyched up about the potential driving and visiting gleee.

No clue if there will be breaks in the squeee to post/email/chat/whatever, so I may be going *whoosh* for nothing...


*dashes off*
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