October 14th, 2004

sga - sparktober

my kingdom for a gleee list

I have been remiss in my gleee-lists lately, but not for lack of gleee.

I don't think I ever even publically adored lisayaeger for hosting me last weekend and being *wonderful.* You have no idea how good and important getting away for a weekend was to me. So much squeee!! Why can't Enterprise have a season premiere EVERY month?

And today:

Collapse )

Also, I Collapse )

-- Little Red, lots of happy.

p.s. I KEEP THE FAITH AND THERE IS SO MUCH HOPE in my wee corner of Red Sox fandom OMG *fangirls Arroyo*. We are setting them up for the big hustle. OH YES.

p.p.s. omg! more gleee! LOOK at the icon lifelongfling made me!!