October 17th, 2004

sga - sparktober

and still beauty.

Today was a lot. So very good, but so very much.

Some of it I can't talk about yet -- I'm in a rare place for me where I need to be alone with a choice, to make myself okay with where I am and where I am or am not going before I can face the world like that.

And because the exercise of joy sadhana is to find joy in everything:

The past few days have made this clear to me: I would rather be a Red Sox fan in a series like this than not be a Red Sox fan. Never give up, never back down. Keep the Faith.

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And. What in the hell?

Sam Carter's broken toaster is for sale.

I really thought besyd made that up as a funny because of that toaster fic I wrote...

Health willing, I am hopefully off to Providence tomorrow (!!!). Um. Hang out with me?

-- Little Red, who sends lots of love as only she can in the dazed, hippie zone she is in today.

p.s. Er... I am actually unspoiled for upcoming... everything... so if Sam's busted-ass toaster is, like, a pivotal plot point in an episode yet to be aired, don't tell me. And if it's a pivotal plot point in an episode that has already aired, please DO tell me, because that's something I need to know. And if besyd somehow engineered this after all, please tell me that too.
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sga - sparktober

new mini!OTP fic! and community!

I announce a bright and shiny new miniotp community!

Title: "Stratego"
Author: Little Red
Rating: PG
Category: mini!OTP, established relationship :)
Summary: Jack has some strategies worked out.
Dedication: Written for anr, posted at the repeated requests of cleverocity.

I will now sucker you into the pretty community with a fake lj-cut.

( Stratego )
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sga - sparktober

It's about faith.

"It's like the miracle on 34th street. Faith is believing in something when all your common sense tells you not to." (I love New England Sports Network anchors. A lot.)

Tonight we make history.


-- Little Red

edit: Enabled by besyd, I am totally wearing a rally cap the whole game.
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