October 20th, 2004

sga - sparktober


Dear Curt Schilling,

I love you.

Signed, New England.


In response to my rather hysterical-in-a-bad-way post of earlier this evening... Collapse )


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-- Little Red, who really *really* hopes Curt Schilling wins the Cy Young
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sga - sparktober


I spam livejournal and inflict my amusement on you all a lot this week. But, shock of all shocks, this is TOTALLY UNRELATED to the Red Sox. (No, it's a meme, which is probably worse...)

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-- Little Red. Heh. I think I need a better title, though, that's just the name of some wiggy sci-fi idea that me and cat_b had when we got high sniffing tea bags at age 9...
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