October 28th, 2004

sga - sparktober

2004! 2004! 2004!!!

... the Red Sox actually won.

They did it! They WON!!!


This? Is a cause for unprecedented gleee.

edit: That would be won the World Series OMFG eeeeeeeeeee!!, amilyn.

edit more: It is AMAZING to have my whole friendslist freaking out and speachless and filled with exclamation points about this. I think New England is one big freaking exclamation point right now. Oh my God.

edit STILL more: Most. Perfect. Icon. by dantesdad
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sga - sparktober

I really *am* a fucking Pollyanna.


I totally thought my dad was exaggerating. No *wonder* people think I am unhinged from reality and are occasionally annoyed. (And probably also why I can get *so* overwhelmed in the face of bouts of non-squeeeful emotions -- so perhaps a bit of a night-and-day pollyanna)

Mumsey and I are, like the wenches we are, gossipping about co-workers who are all "Life is awful and will never get any better so why do I even TRY" and very negative about some of the recent changes at work.

Me: "But it's easy for me to be so positive, because so much good stuff is always happening to me."

Mumsey: "You know, some people might having a debilitating illness overrun your life for two and a half years to be something negative."

Me: "... I hadn't thought of that."

*feels vaguely ridiculous*

I blame the asthma drugs. Aerosol gleee!


p.s. The bostonglobe.com headline today is just YES!!!. I find it wonderful that even the reporters couldn't come up with something more coherent to say :)