October 30th, 2004



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In other non-news, I am having the unusual urge to locate an unlined journal and coloured pencils. I am rather addicted to this online journaling business where I receive attention comments when I post things, and have never really been a *journaler*, and am certainly not one for art (though I think this whole plan is centered around the coloured pencils)... so yes, unusual.

I think if I *structure* it with writing exercises or clear headings I can avoid getting depressed, which has happened in the past when I kept a journal without the check of letting other people see it. Plus, there are geeky math-y diagrams and graphs I want to write about my latest theories on The Way Human Beings Work In The World, and it might be nice to create something to facilitate my future ability to look back on myself at this age and mock. (It really is mostly about the coloured pencils.)

I could also do a more scrapbook-y thing like cat_b and I used to do when we were kids (and we called them "ibooks", which is now copyrighted -- and corny -- so I can't do THAT anymore), because looking back on the one I made back then is so freaking cool. It's such a clear indication of what I was into then, and who my friends were. (The coolest part of those projects was that I asked my friends to each make a page for me to put in the book.)

Of course, then I would want to show it to people.

-- Little Red, /randomness
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