November 7th, 2004

sga - sparktober

ooooh. gleee.

So, all day, I was going "I'm so FAILING at the gleee" because I was all tired and mono-y and frustrated with lots of little things Not Going My Way And Being Easy, Dammit, and feeling Useless And Bad for stuff I didn't feel up to doing to my satisfaction. I was all "HOW can I be gleeeful about Kripalu running out of dinner and me getting no olive bread!? And my tape running out so I have LOST some of Enterprise before I can see it!?!???"

... and yet, I can totally still find five *other* good things, not involving the lack of olive bread. I am getting greedy with my gleee, man ;)

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sga - sparktober

and a drabble

pellmelody posted that there will be a season 9 (friends-locked, as per Melody usual, and rumor unconfirmed, as per season 9 usual). There was sadness for the future of the Sam/Jack 'ship, or something, since neither actor will likely be in it much, and much moaning about how it will be The Daniel Jackson Show. Melody made me write a drabble.

And so, a drabble for Why Sam And Jack Are Not On-Screen And Why That Is A Good Thing For The 'Ship. (rated G, for you people who would think otherwise. Season 9, no spoilers. besyd spared me from this making absolutely no sense as it is past my bedtime.)

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