November 14th, 2004

sga - sparktober

letters from the road (mile... er, crap, forgot to check)

EDIT: I don't have access to gmail at the moment because of sketchy internet access -- so call me if there are Important Things I Must Know. /edit

I am rather daze-y and in a closet called an "internet room" in a motel in Brookville, PA, but am alive and having fun, yay!! :) Perhaps more specific details to follow, but the reader's digest version:

New Jersey Turnpike: OMG EVIL WEATHER EW.

w0lfstar's: Geeked out in not entirely unexpected ways -- knitting, Enterprise, Atlantis, and MANIC MIDNIGHT BAKING. (I feel like there's this huge sigh of relief whenever I'm with my Kappa friends -- this is right, this is normal. YAY.)

Philadelphia: ... is surprisingly really boring. This is probably why they have bars in the malls.

Pennsylvania Turnpike: Everything is under construction. Speed limits are considered casual suggestions.

alliesings': Yay!! I got a backroads tour of Life In Central PA, including a visit to the church, the SUPER Wal-Mart and the Krispy Kreme! Sadly could not stay long enough for sufficient squeee. Vouch for her insane coolness. I also got a SNEAK PREVIEW of an upcoming mini!otp fic to read tonight!

I-80 in Pennsylvania: It appears the ENTIRE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA is under construction.

I'm psyched about how well I'm feeling health-wise and am enjoying myself accordingly! :) YAY!

*love* at all!
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