December 4th, 2004

sga - sparktober

I live!

I made it home safely! (A few days ago, but I'm being weird about the internet) There's a lot of stuff in my head right now and I think that if I were to sit down and post for real it would come out all ANGSTY, and who needs that, really, when my trip was such squeee? So deferring that :) Suffice it to say that no major life decisions have actually been settled yet.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who hosted me, saw me, waved to me as I drove past, etc. Anecdotes to follow ;) Also, proper recognition and thanks and squeee to follow!

Also to follow are things like wish lists, christmas card whatevers, other necessary memes... eep!

I'm paging back through my friendslist now, but it's a rather sisyphean exercise since you people post faster than I can read, I kid you not... so, if anything happened in the past THREE FREAKING WEEKS that you will not forgive me if I don't know, please tell me! Please alert me to wishlists, Sheppard/Weir fics (need fix omg!), major life-changes or things I need to know about. If you feel like it. Or just trust that I will stumble across this information eventually!

If you get random comments on posts from the jurassic era, that's me paging back through. You have now been warned.

Tomorrow I start new job-skill training for one of the things I'm apparently to do for The Family Business (this is the one where I write a curriculum to teach 4 and 5 year olds music using technology).

For those who only love me for my fanfic, I didn't actually write anything of merit on my trip and have been rather down on everything I've written since coming back, too. I did dash something off for torri_squee today that I'll crosspost here in a sec. I still owe fic to everyone, especially to driftingatdusk for sending me big pretty files of Atlantis episodes, even though I have a mac and can't play them :(

(does anyone have pretty .mpeg files of recent Atlantis episodes? The larger the file the better, as I am meant to burn them to cd and send them off to a bunch of folk)

Yay! I missed all of you who I did not see... and miss more now all of you that I *did* see!! Lots of love to everyone :)

-- Little Red, feeling restless again already!
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