December 31st, 2004

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Thank God.

My dear friend Liza, who has been traveling in India and Thailand for the past few months, is alive.

No one had heard from her or anyone she was traveling with since the tsunami, but she finally emailed Gira.

I am so grateful that I will get to see her again.

This is my joy sadhana for the year.
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new Atlantis fic!

Title: The First Ten Years

Author: Little Red

Rating: R for graphic sex.

Category: Sheppard/Weir. Romance. Christmas fic.

Spoilers: Nothing important or plot-related. Something from "Home" is mentioned.

Summary: The first year, John notices that she is quiet at Christmas.

Author's Note: In our first official act as the founders of the Society for the Proliferation and Defense of Fluff, daisycm83 and I decree that it is never too late for Christmas fic!

Credit: Tammy is beta-GODDESS. There are no words for how good she is at this. *bows down*

Dedication: for A.j., who has been owed this one since the pilot. :)

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