January 4th, 2005

sga - sparktober

Geeky joy times 100,000!


Today, katejaneway came over and we had an Atlantis marathon. I knew her when she was in sixth grade and now she is all grown up and very cool and TAUGHT ME THINGS like how to play .avi files on my computer and how to hook my computer up to my TV and why I really shouldn't make myself wait weeks and weeks to watch new Atlantis episodes.

So I watched "Sanctuary" and "Before I Sleep" and "The Brotherhood".

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And... in a SPECTACULAR act of squeeee...

daisycm83 has unveiled the beginning of the OFFICIAL Society for the Proliferation and Defense of Fluff!!!

(so of course my muse is all "You know you want to write INTENSE DESPERATE JOHN ANGST" right now. I am telling her to bite me. Possibly this is because I am SO VERY SAD that I no longer have these bright shiny new episodes waiting to be watched!! *sniffle* It's Geek Boxing Day.)

-- Little Red, dead of squeee.

EDIT: TELEPATHIC FUCKAGE is sooooo the new buzzword :) (tm j_guda) Because how can we let not being in the same room keep our characters from having lots of UST?
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