January 11th, 2005

sga - sparktober

The First Day.

I attempted to (temporarily) cut myself off from the internet today by going, like, hours while sitting at my computer doing work without checking my email, and NOT CHECKING LIVEJOURNAL for *the horror* 24 WHOLE hours.

This was in order to be a productive human being in the form of "freelance copy writer" for one day. Fancy title assigned by my father, who contracted me to do this (with an ACTUAL CONTRACT. *is amused*) But yay! I finished up a draft of a brochure that I get to present tomorrow. The fact that I will be presenting this in my kitchen while wearing slippers does not lessen this accomplishment. Er... actually, it kinda does. But still! It is for a real live actual business, so all slippers aside, productive.

And I survived the rather minor withdrawl from my insane internet addiction! I think my friends' list was something like skip=150 just now after only one day away, which terrifies me, and folk have added me that I have not even added back yet. *eep and squeee all at once*. But apparently I must forgive that, because Collapse )

It also means I will have to wait until tomorrow to post my MULTIMEDIA GLEEE, for am sleepy. (edit: from READING YOUR JOURNAL POSTS just now, not from seeing you all topless.)

Collapse )

Um. I shouldn't write posts when this tired and strung out from self-imposed internet sort-of-deprivation.
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