January 13th, 2005

sga - sparktober

You gifted and talented makers of pretty things! (who like Atlantis. and like me.)

There is an ATLANTIS CALENDAR!! (general -- all characters and pairings) in the process of being created as we speak, YAY!

*pimps project for pellmelody, who is good at organizing such things*

If you are interested in doing a month for the Atlantis calendar and you'd like to see what months are taken, or check out the calendars already submitted, please go here:


If the month, or subject, you wanted has already been taken, don't worry about it. Please go ahead and do the one that "speaks" to you. The more we have, the better.

We still need a "stand alone" month for Teyla and any other pairings. Example: I know we have some Sheppard/McKay people out there. *g* Also, right now, July, November and December are still wide open.

We don't have any real deadline on these, but it would be nice to have the whole year finished by the end of January, if possible, so if people want to print and put their calendars together, they can. BTW, the calendar for January is finished and available for printing. It was kindly and fabulously created in a timely manner by groovekittie.

And, more details, from Melody's initial post:

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