January 24th, 2005

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Atlantis vignettes (post-"The Eye")

Soooo... because my muse was absent without official leave for a while, I decided to issue myself a vignette challenge. I got a semi-randomized list of episode titles from a bunch of shows that I have been obsessed with over the years -- the Star Treks, Babylon 5, The X-Files, etc. -- and started trying to write an Atlantis vignette inspired by each title in order.

Ended up that they started in "The Eye", and I have a feeling I'll keep going for the second half of the season since there are plenty more episode titles on the list (but since these are self-contained vignettes it's not actually a WIP and no one can threaten my life! YAY!).

I'm sharing because driftingatdusk and rosewildeirish told me to. :)

Anyway. Unbeta'd. Read and enjoy or... don't. :) Comments and suggestions are totally welcome. Spoilers only through "The Eye" for this set of them and 'tis John/Elizabeth UST.

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