February 14th, 2005

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V-Day, and Hallmark Poets Anonymous!

Mwah ha ha, you all are totally allowed to defriend me after you read this, as I was totally SHUNNED by most people at work yesterday for saying so, but I LIKE VALENTINE'S DAY.

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AND NOW, for the REEEEEEALLY important holiday that falls on February 14th and why I *really* love this day...

Hallmark Poets Anonymous

This FINE King House tradition, credited to froggoddess, declares that we friends gather together around the fireplace to feast on heart-shaped goodies and admire the tacky decorations... or, well, gather together ON THE INTARWEB and feast on comments, and share our WORST HIGH SCHOOL LOVE POETRY.

The angstiest shmaltz. The most embarrassing I-love-him-for-the-way -we-danced-in-the-GYM. The most profound declarations of TRUE LOVE FOREVER FOUND IN HOMEROOM.

(Sadly, I think the internet may not be the best venue for this, because we are inundated with bad love poetry all the time AND because they lose some of the tackiness without the DRAMATIC READINGS, but oh well. It's the thought that counts. And it's the one day of the year when really bad fanfic poetry is in season!)

I am remarkably lame in reporting this to you for two reasons: 1) it's actually VALENTINE'S DAY itself by the time I mention it, and how many of us remember by heart our angsty high school love poetry? and 2) I CAN'T REMEMBER THE WORDS TO "BLACK", which is the quintessential angsty love poem (not penned by anyone we actually know, ALAS) recited at every HPA. EDIT: noradannan remembered!!

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My glands are all still trying to EXPLODE inside my body, so I will now go to bed and beat back the evalll germz with SLEEP! Wheeee! But I miss everyone I haven't talked too lately A LOT, so sorry. *hugs*
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