February 23rd, 2005

sga - sparktober

new Atlantis fic! "Intermission"

Title: "Intermission"

Author: Little Red

Rating: that-which-is-no-longer-called-PG

Category: Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST

Spoilers: None!

Summary: Stealing a moment.

Author's Note: liminalliz pinch-beta'd for me, and I adore her. Distantly inspired by mspooh's friendship-vid, because it made me want more friendship fic. And is, of course, for aj, who ALWAYS wants more friendship!fic.

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sga - sparktober


medie wrote me Sheppard/Weir KINKY MIND SEX (!!) and this is the greatest meme evarrrr.

And so, though I owe ten billion fanfics already and am *notoriously* bad at these, I offer up:

Reply to this post using an icon in a fandom you know I write for, and I'll write a ficlet based on it for you.

Alternately, I guess you can choose one of MY icons, and I'll try to do *that* one. Plus, in case you have ignored the squeee to this point, that will hint at what fandoms I am familiar with.

The fine print: This should be fun for random inspiration fanficcing, and I'll try to do it 15-minute-ficlet-style, and, well, not do it if it becomes stressful or I don't feel like it anymore. :-P So, yay! Take your chances!


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