February 25th, 2005

sga - sparktober

in which Little Red is (at least) four weeks behind the rest of the civilized world

Four weeks ago, Little Red started working early on Saturday mornings, and, as such, could not watch the Insane Friday Night Of Science-Fiction Squeee. I am now vainly attempting to play catch-up. It's very sad that watching my favorite television shows has become my equivalent of besyd's endless friendslist struggle.

Although, really, this fits in perfectly well with my desire to live in anticipation as long as possible. keenween used to have to force me to watch things :). And if I had my way, Christmas would probably drag on until March.

Anyway. To recap:

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Today's my last non-working day while my parents are away (read: day in which I have the TV and can catch up), and I have about a billion things left to watch. Which so will not happen. I really will have to start building TV-time into my schedule...
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sga - sparktober

"I don't care if you cry the whole time, you're going to do your chores!"

One of those days.

But it's done now.

I'm totally embarrassed to be like this, I realized as I descended into exhausted hysterical MELTDOWN over the prospect of having to walk down the stairs to feed the dog dinner, not to mention having to walk back up them again to get back to bed.

And here's an uncharacteristically pessimistic sentiment: The problem with good days is that they make the bad days so much harder to swallow.

But I whittled it down to the absolute necessities to get done tonight (feed dog, feed self, do laundry for clean work uniform), and though I quite literally cried and wailed and carried on the whole time, I dragged myself through it. Done, done, and done. THANK GOD. And that even seems like a really good strategy (that maybe should be DUH OBVIOUS, but really isn't) -- to actually make reduce my immediate to-do list on days like this ONLY to things that will result in catastrophic failure if they are not immediately accomplished.

Now if I can just get my teeth brushed all the way in the other room I can quit napping and go to sleep for real.

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P.S. And melyanna!! I'm sorry!! Forgive me? *looks cute*
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