March 3rd, 2005

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Am still sick, oy! But a proper fever kicked in along with the pain and the inability to talk and the asthmadoom and exhaustion and mental uselessness and whatnot, and this has made me LOOPY instead of fantastically depressed. Wheeee! And today is the first day on my new schedule at work, and I must (HA!) learn new closing procedures, and... *wanders off and is impressed that toothbrush is same color as shirt. No really, it IS!*

*coughs* ANYWAY. Because of a car mixup, my dad is driving me to and from work anyway. This means I really have no excuse not to go, like "I might crash into something and kill myself." So I will bring my loopiness to work. I'm still on Minimal Power Retail Mode rather than Super Warp Speed Retail Girl Mode, but today (I think) I can go to work, and so I should. *displays shiny new work ethic* Really, I have just been SHAMED by my supervisor who came into work on all kinds of heavy muscle relaxants and stuff when her back was doomful.

Oh well. I somehow got through last weekend by taking it a moment at a time, and I will do the same this weekend. I really wish we still were allowed to sit down at work between customers. *sulks* (Ha ha, I know, my life is SO TERRIBLE.)

Regardless how terrible I feel physically right now, it is SO NICE to get a break from all the mentalemotional DOOM that has been going on for a while. (Fooled you all with my GLEEE, didn't I?)

Now if only I could remember how to put my hair in a ponytail...

I should've lj-cut this out of embarrassment.

Edit: Ponytail = SUCCESS!
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sga - sparktober



Have received MOST JOYFUL BOX OF JOY EVER from liminalliz!! Eeee! THERE IS A DRAWING OF A COW ON IT! With a little note to tell me that it is a cow!

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YAYYYYY!! THANK you! Squeeee!! :)

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p.s. daygloparker? We just got the book "The Devil Wears Prada" in my store. It is officially the only book in the store that has absolutely nothing to do with yoga, health or spirituality at all. I thought of you. :) (And went "OOOH!" and totally almost bought it and mailed it to you until I realized that you probably named your website *after* the book instead of it being a totally random coincidence. I AM SO BRIGHT.)

p.p.s. just to add to the JOY, *finally* uploaded ashism's Sheppard/Weir moodtheme!! *squeee*
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