March 20th, 2005

sga - sparktober

my future's so bright I've gotta wear shades

I think I have an abusive relationship with my alma mater.

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In totally other news, related only by my major, this is the coolest fucking thing ever. (sekilara, vagenna, w0lfstar, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.) THIS -- a beautiful, nine-step list for how to make my own (alien) language -- is SO TOTALLY why I went into linguistics. I just didn't know it at the time. Also, I think I've found my ideal job -- someone should so totally hire me on to one of these sci-fi shows to write the alien text for them. Tell me that's not the IDEAL Sachi-job. (Oh, and I could moonlight with the rest of the scriptwriting departments to write the really shmoopy romantic scenes.)

If anyone needs me for the next six months, I'll be making up languages. Also: trying to figure out how an exclusively telepathic race would structure their communications -- even *if* they would -- because it got me wondering.

*note: by "the coolest fucking thing ever," I mean "it's the coolest fucking thing ever if you are ME or otherwise spent a great deal of time studying linguistics, and realize that all those required classes on phonology and syntax and semantics have just been summed up in NINE STEPS, and all for a geeky sci-fi purpose." And, as such, probably quite dull for the rest of you.
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