March 23rd, 2005

sga - sparktober


sakuracorr ROCKS MY WORLD.

Today at work was mono mono DEATH PAIN DEATH and then I came home and there was a totally unexpected envelope of random joy!! She drew me a picture! (And if I had a scanner, I would scan it in and show you all how she has MAD SKILLZ). And toys! And my mother would like it known that she is now in favor of my "internet friends", because there was chocolate. ;)

Yay!! I'm so delighted! You have NO idea how much I needed to unwrap things and squeee. I think I need to make a little art gallery in my room so that I can display the drawings that nenya_kanadka and sakuracorr sent me, as well as the totally realistic stick figure art of liminalliz.

I also feel like a terrible horrible person because I still haven't mailed the POSTCARD I was going to send you, the reason we exchanged addresses, and you sent me a whole envelope of random things! BUT I have the most randomest thing evarrr to mail back, so we will all be even eventually.

In OTHER delightful news, dark_faith366 wrote me fic! In French. (And I was complimented in a foreign language!!) I will, er, actually read the fic when I have more than one brain cell to rub together, but omg, am excited. *bounces* (Of course, French is not actually foreign to dark_faith366, but I totally used to write fic in foreign languages as my way of getting extra work with the language surviving Russian. The plot was a little bit lacking, as well as sequential action, but, like, Garibaldi and Ivanova would talk at length about the different vegetables one could purchase in a Russian market.)


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