March 31st, 2005

sga - sparktober

and I cry out, and they hold me down...

I love my job. But it takes a lot out of me.

I won't really represent the personal hell and horror that was the final six hours of my workday (omg UNDERSTAFFED ALONE PARANOID SO BUSY SO MANY PEOPLE GRABBING AT ME and I kept FUCKING UP), because when I write it out in more detail than that I start to feel really lame. Because it's retail, and yet I maintain that a lot is asked of us. On insane days it's a lot to deal with, and sometimes too much for me.

And then I come home and almost start crying because maching_monkey is leaving LJ and B. isn't at WORK anymore and *SAD*

(There are a lot of mean voices in my head right now yelling bad things at me. I am ignoring them.)

These are the days I built joy sadhana for...

Collapse )

... wow. That really works! I'm much happier now. My day kicked ass!

P.S. Also, my manager proudly revealed today that she's the one who thought "fluffing" would make a fantastic retail term. I didn't snicker in the meeting, but it was hard. I mean, a challenge. I mean... damn. Hee.
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