April 8th, 2005

sga - sparktober

let's face the music and dance, so says nat king cole

So I've been saying that I would go alone to this latin dance party at the new cafe in North County... and I actually did! Someone I actually knew from Kripalu was there, so that was cool, and the place is awesome. There isn't much to do around here, true, but what there is to do I haven't been actively seeking out. (Have been too busy sulking about the No Alcohol and the Very Few People My Age, Yo.) So that's the new plan. I mean, I actually live here now, after a whole uninterrupted year back, and should stop thinking of this just as a waiting period when there are opportunities to test and push myself and try new things. Big lesson of the day? Going out alone (and totally sober) -- not so scary.

froggoddess, sometime me and this girl from work who I ran into tonight want to come CONTRA DANCING where you live!

Was there a new Enterprise tonight?

Also: melyanna and I appeal to the friendslist to provide us with Sheppard/Weir smut. Please? This is all. (I have been dancing forbidden dances with strangers all night! And came straight home! I believe that reading about fictional characters on my computer is the new new safe sex.)
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