April 16th, 2005

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of life and television!

Life: alosersdream has been most birthday'd and it was FUN, wheee! I don't know if it's the warmer weather, the increased exercise, or what, but I feel like I am getting better again, and that's awesome. I'm starting to feel like I can handle things occasionally -- like I can take unexpected things in stride like I used to -- and it's still new and rocky but it gives me hooope.

And I might get to write a comprehensive training manual for my department at work! PRAISE BE TO GODS, omg. I have been wanting to do this for years and it will be something new and different to do! New job skills! Although this may speak volumes about my mental health, I can't think of anything more fun to do (for work) than get a whole ton of information that I know really well and figure out how to best organize it so that people can read it and understand it and LEARN it! And if it means I get to live without the cheat sheets we have now ("move your mouse up to the top right-hand corner of the window to close the window and then move your mouse to the left hand corner of the other window and open the button that says "pos" and then move your mouse and click with your mouse on the folder that says "reports" and then..."), so much the better. (cleverocity? I have started mentally referring to people as Starfish, and this is bad. If it ever slips out, I'll claim it's a Canadian term of endearment.)

Teevee: (adorable spelling courtesy of THE (other) BIRTHDAY GIRL, liminalliz)

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Edit: Apparently today is the annual Let's Burn Down Lenox Dale Day, wherein everyone gets fire permits and lights their backyards on fire. I'm not sure if my mom got a permit yet, but depending on which neighbors begin their pyromania, I may have to go stand outside hosing down the propane tank. *rolls eyes* If I do not report back within a few days, check the news -- "Ill-Advised Small Town Tradition Ends In Tragedy -- Several Humans And Large Dogs harmed, Pickup Trucks Overturned."
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trek - trip/t'pol i love you - ashism

Enterprise fic!

Title: "Moments Between"
Author: Little Red
Category: Enterprise. Trip/T'Pol. Little Red fangirling T'Pol's mom.
Spoilers: post-ep for "Home."
Rating: PG.
Summary: After the ceremony, Trip stays the night on Vulcan.
Status: un-beta'd. Anyone want to? Please?
Author's Note: I wrote most of this right after "Home" and finished it just now when naushika accused me of not sharing. Sort-of-First-Enterprise-Fic! I think it's also the first story I've ever picked up again and actually finished, and therefore it needed to be shared despite authorial misgivings.


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