April 27th, 2005

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non-skeery things about Wednesday

Happy birthday to elly427 and amilyn!! *loves you both*


Work yesterday *rocked* more than it has rocked in... well, a very long time! The head buyer adopted me as her creative assistant and we tore apart the store. All new windows, all new displays, all kinds of rearranged furniture. I even got to climb on things to move track lights and other fixtures. I think I may have been too quick to label myself as "not project-oriented" because it was just so. freaking. awesome to have something to show for my day. I got to be creative and use my brain and my hands and be useful and get compliments and work in a team. Wheee!

It also spared my house from my intense need to move furniture.

Which makes the timing of the following interesting:

Collapse )

Of course, lisayaeger just hired me to do something way better, but alas, I think she was joking.


In other news: it's spring cleaning weekend. There is nothing more awesome than spring cleaning. Yes, it's a sickness.
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