April 30th, 2005

sga - sparktober

livejournal maintenance, and a poll!

First: my livejournal is now PRETTY!!

melyanna made a banner of gorgeousness! Text comes from Over the Rhine lyrics.

I succumbed to The Wonder That Is Component, too, because that's what Anna's banner-uploading tutorial was for because it gave me a cute little box to put Deep Thoughts Of The Week that I really should see every day. Bwah. Livejournal as a factor in my Old Country Buffet-style spiritual development. I left the comment space is in basic livejournal style to facilitate spammage, so you'll have to click on the link above to see the pretty.

Second: long overdue refriending of folk! I gave up when my brain started to explode, though. *fears* Hi. (Introduce yourself if you're feeling horribly left out and I will un-explode my brain for you!)


Because I've never had one before, and everyone else has them, and I was feeling left out. Standard rules apply -- unfriend me for whatever reason, no hard feelings, you can explain if you want, but you don't have to.

However, because everyone likes a good poll, I propose the following (poll completion not required for unfriending):

Poll #485309 The International Unfriend Little Red Day Poll!

Why are *you* unfriending Little Red?

The Generic Response: We Just Don't Talk Anymore
No, Really, We Just Don't Talk Anymore
omgwtf, h0r! You're not getting rid of me this easily!
... I kinda friended you on accident thinking you were someone else/your interests were more like mine, and haven't had the nerve to unfriend you. BYE!
You don't write enough fanfic!
You write too *much* fanfic, and it makes me sad for you.
You don't write (enough) [Doggett/Reyes, Daniel/Janet, Sam/Jack, etc] anymore! (specify below)
You don't watch [House, Lost, Firefly, The West Wing, Farscape, Arrested Development, etc] and I can no longer associate with you. (specify below)
I am morally opposed to [Sheppard/Weir, Stargate: Atlantis, science fiction television, fandom squeee, pr0n, yoga, buffet-style religion, redheads]. (specify below)
I am morally opposed to journals containing anything *but* [Sheppard/Weir, Stargate: Atlantis, science fiction television, fandom squeee, pr0n, etc]. (specify below)
I haven't forgiven you for not finishing ["A Fine Romance", "Second Chances", all those other WIPs I see on your computer with my x-ray vision!]
An actual serious reason that I don't wish to discuss in a ticky box.
You don't pay enough attention to meeeee!
OTHER! (I ran out of options!) (elaborate below)
all of the ticked boxes above but I will keep you friended to see if you REFORM! (or: "omg! a poll!1!")

and while we're here, how's the new layout?

banner PRETTY! melyanna RULES!
I can't read it with the colors like that!
Hey, that's my university/high school color!
You should force it onto your comment pages so we can see the banner whenever we spam you.
... no, you shouldn't. Spare my dialup.
There's something else wonky or awesome about it that I'll tell you about in comments.
You should illegally upload Over the Rhine songs for us so we can appreciate the text. Or because we're music whores.
I'm unfriending you and don't care. Or just regular don't care.

Wheee! In real-life news, my sister's parents saved my neurotic little life by intervening and taking it upon themselves to arrange me cat-free housing for the weekend of my sister's senior project and will drive me around so I won't have to stay out until all hours. I feel *very* young for needing this help, but the impending lack of death is indeed delightful. Thanks to those who offered me Words Of Sanity.
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sga - sparktober

Daniel/Janet flash ficlet

Written just now. Unbeta'd, so read at own risk, but wanted to post now for meg_tdj.

Title: "Vital Statistics"
Rating: PG
Category: Daniel/Janet friendship or UST. I suppose this is angst. A drabble that got out of hand.
Spoilers: "Meridian." Set season 7, I guess.
Summary: Daniel has lost count.


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