May 6th, 2005

sga - sparktober

sleep not, for livejournal doth murder sleep (or: insomniac randomness)

My calendar tells me that yesterday, along with cinco de mayo, was "Ascension Day." Hee.

(I should point out that this is not the same calendar as the one that keeps assigning random holidays to Australia that no one actually in Australia seems to have heard of. Apparently I have a collection of interesting calendars.)

... oh. Google informs me that this is an actual holiday, and were I Catholic or Anglican I would've known about it, and that I probably shouldn't be giggling at it.


This is a really interesting and cool gen Atlantis ficlet. It reminds me of Voyager and the White Star and how much I really dig on the idea of sort-of-living ships. I can't believe I didn't put two and two together before with the Ancient gene technology and figured out that this is high on the list of reasons why I love this show. Read and go "oooooh."

This is not a surprising fic kink with me, considering that I assign personality and sentience and feelings to inanimate objects all the time. (Behold the unlikely connection between The Velveteen Rabbit and Stargate: Atlantis.)

(aside: meyerlemon was going off -- rightfully, except for that brilliant one by azarsuerte -- on how irritating the "someone plays matchmaker!" cliche is in fanfic... would it be all right if it was a semi-sentient inanimate object? I think I'd be amused if a puddle jumper took it upon herself to try and trick the humans into getting together and having twins.)
sga - sparktober


First non-spoilery thought -- Star Trek really is medicinal. I am feeling about a billion times better post-episode than I have for the past three days.

Second thought -- I called w0lfstar during a commercial break in the episode and was informed that Connecticut had Enterprise preempted by a Yankees game. *wrath and ire on her behalf*

And because I couldn't tell *her*... I watched it again! And started making recap-like notes for livejournal that then got COMPLETELY out of control, to the point where you will all be Ashamed To Know Me that I wrote all this stuff out. Especially because, though I pretend, I'm just not funny like TWoP people are. However, I just amused myself for an hour and so will post it for public shaming, yay, in case any of you are reeeeeally bored or strangely obsessed with my opinions. Please don't have me committed, thank you. At any rate, I've been wondering how long it would take me to recap something given my longstanding desire to snark early Stargate and Atlantis, and now I know. And also know that I probably shouldn't actually do that. Wheee!

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... and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when my fanfic muse goes on strike. My God, I've gotten boring lately.
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