May 19th, 2005

sga - sparktober


Gah! I have missed episodes of old-skool Galactica on SciFi! *mutters* They keep changing the day.

... there's some guy walking around, commanding a spaceship while wearing a frilly blouse and waving a cane. It's like a History Channel / Sci-Fi crossover. This show is awesome.
sga - sparktober

... I think I *get it* now.

My little bubble of denial was burst by the Television Without Pity recap of the Enterprise finale.

There is no more Star Trek!


And medie wrote an amaaaaaazing post-Nemesis fanfic, and that's just reminding me how it's all. over.

I'm having a crisis of faith here, people. And it's sad. Very sad. In all meanings of that word. I MUST GO ON IN THE WORLD WITHOUT MY STAR TREK LIFELINE!

There was more crazy to this post, but I suspect you're all getting the idea that I'm a bit nuts and will have to feed myself regular church services (I *have* mentioned that we actually often refer to watching Star Trek as attending services in my house, right?) of reruns and novels I missed to keep from going off the deep end. Er, going *more* off the deep end, I mean.

And maybe someone will do a virtual season 5 of Enterprise. (Maybe I will do a... no. Just, no. I might be sitting here plotting out episodes, but the last thing I need is more to do. Or anything involving the word "deadline." Just no one say anything about how this would be a way to Show My Devotion as a member of the Holy Church of Star Trek.)


And so I don't spam y'all with Yet Another Post, I'll be off to Georgia tomorrow on a three-week-long-panic-attack inducing flight which will no doubt be FINE. I'll be online until tomorrow morning, but am leaving my computer here, because I checked the hotel I'll be staying at online and ALL the reviews said it was sketchy and dangerous and skeery. Er... eep. My second parents will protect meeeee!

I'll be back on Monday, where I will be indulging the crazy childishly awarding myself some kind of present for going and Behaving Perfectly, which I will do. :)


I think I'm going to go watch "The Pegasus" now. And TNG totally trumps Enterprise, and somehow this all proves that the Enterprise finale is A LIE. Which means it's not over. *replicates self new denial bubble*
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