June 1st, 2005

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ooooh, permanent accounts

Dude! Livejournal is selling permanent accounts for the next few hours next week!

It oddly coincides with me having the money (!!), since I've been saving up spare change and moral deservingness for season 1 of Enterprise (or BSG, or wireless internet, or the fact that I never actually bought myself the Christmas present my parents "gave" me at Christmas because I was working up moral deservingness).

I was so enthralled by the fancy title that I dreamed about doing the math to see how it all worked out. Then I actually woke up and did the math -- if I pay for paid time and userpics the whole time, the "permanent account" becomes a better deal after almost four and a half years.

I have a hard time keeping my name for four and a half years (no, really), so that's probably a no.

However, I'm curious now, so POLL!

Poll #504555 the permanent account el-jay poll!

Are you getting a permanent account?

I already DID!!
Oooh! I will.
Dude, no.
If I had the money, I TOTALLY WOULD.
Well, I would, if I could figure out *how*...
Who in the what now?
I can't decide, so I'll wait on the outcome of a coin toss/magic 8 ball/THIS POLL!

Should Sachi get one?

Buy ENTERPRISE instead!
Buy old-skool BSG instead!
Get wireless internet!
Dude, just save your money altogether.
YES! OMG, get one and be COOL!
I have a *better* suggestion that I will expound upon in comments.
You're changing your name?

Thus concludes your random poll for the day.

In other news, there is a whole flock of what look like escaped canaries in the vegetable garden.

In far more important news, lisayaeger is quite possibly the best person ever, and is owed S/J fic by the karmic universe by meeeee. Plot bunnies, challenges, icon prompts accepted here.

EDIT: Aiiiieee! I broke the all-important rule of having an "a poll! omg!!1!" option in my poll. *begs forgiveness*
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