June 8th, 2005

sga - sparktober


Lacking the time for a proper freakout filled with resistance and complaining regarding this work task, I'll just post it to livejournal.

I really don't like cold-calling.

(Every day in every way it becomes clearer that I am the least entrepreneurial person on the planet. I'll have to inform my father that those genes skipped a generation, and that he'll have to wait for me to rear me up some children before he can have a proper assistant/partner/whatever for the family business.)

Oh, all right, whining break over. :) *goes back to work*

Edit: I am saved by the universal lunch hour. Rock on.
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sga - sparktober

You *know* I'm procrastinating when I start posting memes.

And now: Collapse )

Now I will go back to the New Age and read the rest of that (crazy, omg, craaaaazy, and this is me saying that) book about auras that I am to be tested on at work tomorrow. Seriously, why do I say yes to these things? (Because aura photos are really nifty, even if I don't think they're the be all and end all of solving every problem ever. Because I want extra babysitting money. Because I keep thinking that I'm somehow way healthier than I actually am and have time and energy for part-time jobs and projects because I "shouldn't need so much downtime" or whatever.) *thunks head on desk*

Lastly: After all that, I regret not getting a permanent account. But yay for DVDs someday in the future. :)
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