June 10th, 2005

sga - sparktober

a not-so-balanced diet

fandom: Television Without Pity picked up House for next season. Now I wish I watched this show! I did read the recap, though, and think I will enjoy this show quite a bit if it gives me a weekly opportunity to think of people as the Houseketeers. When are the reruns on? (No promises, though, because I seem to suck spectacularly at actually watching TV lately. Yeah, it seems a little weird to me, too, that I'm going "come on, Sachi, just watch a little TV? It's good for you!" I'm thinking of leveling procrastination anti-trust action against the internet.)

real life: Swimming season has started! I bargained my dad up to 8 am (6:30 is too early when I work 'til 9). Despite my sticker-sheet for working-out-ness, I suckered out mid-lake to spare my shoulders. I have great plans to be swimming a mile within the week and then push for more, but I will probably have to sit on the sports-training part of my brain before I burn myself or my shoulders out. Swimmiiiiiiing!

real life being overrun by fandom: I managed to resist writing lots and lots of atlantis!swimming!fic last summer, and will attempt to do so again, but just for the record, I totally daydream about doing distance swimming around Atlantis while I'm in the water. Come on, admit it, it would be really cool. No, I don't just like this show because they're entirely surrounded by water, promise...

fandom being overrun by real life: Whether or not it should, it really bothers me that I've been too tired overextended for fanfic-writing, and even proper fanfic appreciation. When I'm just tired I write fic wherein people lounge around in bed (I should do a drinking game some fic statistics of mine some day -- how many take place in bed without sex, how many are named after Star Trek episodes, etc.). This is different. I like this more in that I'm getting stuff done, being productive, working enough to pay my bills (!!!), etc.

I dislike this because my brain is totally empty of creative thoughts. It's weird that I feel only half myself when I'm entirely focused on my own life and not, you know, the lives of fictional people... but I do. (Plus the "OMG I am USELESS to my online circle of friends!" feeling, which rosewildeirish bapped me for and which, yeah, if you're only here for the fic, I trust you're used to skimming by now. Sorry.) The hope is that, having complained about it, it will magically fix itself to spite me, as things like this are wont to do. (I'm on to them! I will use their tricks against them!) Failing that, and since "writing" is on my list of priorities to keep in mind, I'll come up with a better system when things slow down or I speed up. :)

and now for a word from our sponsor: "Suggest me something to write!" has been temporarily put on hold, since it didn't work. But I have an hour before bedtime. So... suggest me an episode to watch! I've got Atlantis, TNG, DS9, Stargate and, er, seasons 1,3,5 of Babylon 5! And I might be assed to dig X-Files out on VHS. Yay for foisting Non-Important Decision-Making off on others!
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