June 14th, 2005

sga - sparktober

wait, wait, the internet is going to *help* my social life?


I hereby pimp this fun and amusing idea of comedownstairs, wherein we go to this entry and write in Where We Are And What We Like To Do and ferret out folk in our areas of residence with similar interests to hang out with (interest #1 being "propensity to fill out things on livejournal!", I presume).

'Tis fun! And entertaining to read up on other people. And dude, if it ends me up with a Star-Trek-watching knitting circle in Western Massachusetts (that takes random manic midnight baking trips to the nearest 24-hour grocery store), I will be full of delight.

Someone tell me this isn't the first step to a world of exclusively online dating, please?

... oh, you in the corner talking about the sinful livejournal girlfriend, you be quiet.
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    old recordings of dad playing the piano, I think.