June 28th, 2005

gleee! - nenya

sachi birthday gleee party!

Eeeeee!! Yesterday was fabulous and lovely!! I feel all LOVED by friends and family and the internet and bounced around in a great fit of squeee all day! :) Thank you!!

And I got presents IN THE MAIL!!! I got cards from Jammer and Isabelle and teenage self-help books from roothekittycat (HEEEE! I was all "... but I'm turning twenty-three!" and then realized that OH, this is because I have strange fixation with self-help books, so YAYYY!! Now I have some of the classics to read!) and a MYSTERIOUS GIFT of season 8 of The X-Files! OMG! Unmask yourself and receive LOVE!

There was also ficlet joy!! *loves on you wonderful people even though it is taking me forever to actually READ them eek!* And offers of future fannish things, and phone messages from Kappas, and so much love. :)

I suppose I'm due for some sort of introspective post about turning twenty-three, but that'll come later. For now: JOY!! I get a whole birthday-week in my family, for we are disorganized, and this spoils me for desiring birthdays every day. I was a bit sad that I didn't have a free evening to organize a going-out thing, and because we don't do birthday things for folk at work if their birthdays fall on a Monday or Tuesday (random, I know), but this was really much more wonderful!!!

You all rock so very much. Thank you. *is awed by love and gleee*
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