June 30th, 2005

gleee! - nenya


OMFG!! espirk and snarky_freak sent me a plot bunny in the mail! *flails around incoherently for cannot explain*

It has VELCRO on it and 18 interchangeable "types of plot bunny" that it can be, including "smut" and "Sparky" and "(mirror!)Hoshi" and "trashy romance novel" and OF COURSE "DRR". Eeeee!

OMFG!! *reaches through computerbox to hug you* I love you SO!!! This is so adorable!!!

The bunny has been identified with a factory imprint on its foot as Tweakie P. "Priscilla". I suppose "Priscilla the Plot Bunny" has the best ring, but somehow "Tweakie" is infinitely more hilarious. (Tweakie is also partial to the Boston Red Sox, according to Velcro Attachment #19. This doesn't mean I have to start writing real-person fic about the Sox, does it? Oh, dear God, tell me no one does that.)

EDIT: And and and more mail! meg_tdj sent me present that she bought her very own self, wheeee!! *drags sister outside to play with sidewalk chalk once it stops raining* *gleees and loves* And my dad got me some birthday stuff on brilliantly opposite sides of the literary spectrum: East of Eden in paperback (the hardcover I was trying to reread threatens to kill me whenever I fall asleep reading...) and Amanda's Wedding. BWAH HA HA, I love that book! Even better: ANOTHER book by Jenny Colgan that I'd never even heard of -- "Working Wonders" -- that was a cosmo exclusive! Don't know how he got his hands on it -- the internet is a wonderful thing -- but color me DELIGHTED. I... seriously can't decide what gleeeful thing to do next.

Providence ho!

Er... the Kappa yahoo list is looking rather unavailable, according to the missive on the website, so I'm not sure if my email got through.

I'm going to Providence on Saturday to watch a PawSox game (and fireworks!) with wildtiger7, eee!

Kappas -- are any of you around with a spare couch I could crash on on fabulously short notice Saturday night? I will buy you breakfast at Brown Nostalgia Breakfast Place Of Your Choice! (i.e. Loui's, Zog... er, etc? Friday's if we want booze for breakfast?) And we must needs collect other Kappafolk for brunch-y goodness!

In other news of love for the brothers and the sisters, w0lfstar is freaking awesome, and not just because she reminded me that livejournal has a to-do list function with which to procrastinate. This is all.
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