July 13th, 2005

sga - sparktober

boring, boring, boring

I will get my act together.

Things will remain okay.

(I always get self-critical when I'm feeling too sick to sleep. Nothing's actually wrong beyond there being clothes on my floor and the fact that I seem incapable of forcing myself to take my damned meds three times a day and eat food and be polite to my father's billion friends when I'm not feeling 100%. And a lack of self-discipline to just lie in bed at 9 pm no matter how much I want a distraction. It'll all be fine tomorrow, whine whine whine.)

edit: never mind! I just remembered that I went on new herbal meds today on a pretty high dosage, and that life was actually delightful and rosy up until 6 pm when they started. I always forget that changing stuff like that makes me bonkers for a while. *tables this bit of angst, then*

I did watch a lot of Babylon 5 tonight, though. And then proceeded to wax endlessly and nonsensically about it. I've spared you all most of my scattered B5 rambles until now by keeping them in a Word Document of Fear-Inducing Geekiness, but I'll post two of them here unedited just so this isn't just me whining. Spoilers all the way through, but thoughts came from watching the beginning of season 2. (I do actually advise you don't read them, since they're long and probably quite inane, and I don't feel up to editing. My sudden desire to communicate with the internet demands that I post anyway.)

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