July 28th, 2005

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Sheppard/Weir fik!

First: I'm going to make a note of this. When depressed and feel like not talking to anyone? Too bad! Talk anyway! Because now I am full of squeee and love for the f-list at large and for liminalliz in particular. *smushes gleee so it cannot leave* Thanks, guys. *love*

Second: Er... hmm. I think I discovered this before. I think that's why I washed out of college the first time around. Well, no, that was mono. *clings to friends* Why doesn't it count as being a Productive Human Being just to hang out with friends all the time?

So yes. If you can stand my crankiness, feel free to drag me out of my shell. Adrenaline highs are productive, yay! *unspirals self* (Speaking of crankiness and shells, which is all about astrology as I am a CANCER, Saturn is out of my damned sign finally. This means that my health issues and other seriousness should resolve now, and there should be delight and forward motion again. Yay. *clings to that, too*)

Now, to fic:

Title: "Finishing School"
Author: Little Red
Rating: PG
Category: Sheppard/Weir UST
Spoilers: Set between "Seige III" and "Intruder."
Summary: In any other situation, seeing Elizabeth Weir in jeopardy, John Sheppard would spring into action in the usual way and rescue her.
Author's Note: For pellucid, who was complaining about how intelligent women seem to be magnets for academic men with superior egos at parties...

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oh medie...

Medie asked for Jack/Kerry. This didn't fit in comments. It's quite fluffy and random and, er, deserves to be in comments, so read at your own discretion. And only if you won't kill me.

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