August 4th, 2005

sga - sparktober

was that a pig flying a puddle-jumper?

No! But Little Red did just sign up for her first ficathon evarrr, after swearing up and down that she Doesn't Do Those Due To Faults Of Personal Character, and therefore all of you should, too. :)

Sheppard/Weir Ficathon, run by the lovely and persuasive anr.

In order to persuade you, she has posted squeeeful pics from all the episodes so far: Season One, Season Two (aired episodes only, not dialup friendly, etc.)


Signups end tomorrow! Limited time offer!


And unrelated complaining!

1. *dies of asthma, grrr* (Oooh, actually that one is related, but only because it's interfering with my writing ficathon-brainwashing fanfic, as the combined meds and oxygen deprivation is requiring that I expend most of my energy at not pulling out my own hair.)

2. Hmm. Parents have folk coming to stay overnight on Friday, which may mean No SciFi Friday Gleee For Little Red. *attempts to score them tickets to the BSO at Tanglewood so they can all be elsewhere and I can have squeee*
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sga - sparktober

Sparky fun!fic, wheeee.

Title: "Drunk Tank Pink"
Rating: PG-13
Category: Sheppard/Weir, fun!fic
Summary: As with every pairing, it eventually comes down to drunken sex.
Author's Note: muldy, natushka and delgaserasca wanted me to write Sparky pr0n involving the briefing room table and those automated briefing room doors. This is that, but without the pr0n. Sorry. Thanks to mspooh for general enabling.

sign up for the sheppard/weir ficathon!

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